The high school gym has served as a major focal point on our campus for nearly 45 years. In addition to housing our sports teams and P.E. classes, the gym has hosted hundreds of other events including stage productions, Senior Class Nights, band concerts, lock-ins, assemblies, parent-teacher conferences, Alumni potlucks, Family Volunteer Nights, free health clinics, and church activities, to name a few. On average, 20,000 people use our gym facilities throughout the year.

Since its opening in 1971, the gym has remained largely unchanged. Both the boys' and girls' locker rooms have the same configuration, the same lockers, the same benches, the same (temperamental) showers, and the same (inaccessible) bathroom stalls. The coaches’ offices are squished into tiny spaces with barely enough room for a desk. The building itself has no air conditioning which means from May through September, indoor temperatures rise well above 90 degrees.

In order to address these issues, our school board and administration have agreed that a major renovation project for our gym is essential. We are asking that our school family, our alumni, and our community support us as we work to renew a building that has served us for so long.


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In order to accomplish this project, philanthropy totaling $2.5 million is needed for the purchase and installation of an HVAC system, renovation of the locker rooms and coaches’ offices, and other facility improvements. Be sure to visit our photo gallery to see architect renderings of the project.



Text "Give2Gym" to: 41444


Roadrunner Hall of Fame 2016

Thank you everyone who attended, volunteered and donated! The Roadrunner Hall of Fame on April 10, 2016 helped us launch our campaign to renovate the high school gym. See photos from the event.



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LLA Gym Renovation Appeal 2016 from Loma Linda Academy on Vimeo.



Roadrunner Hall of Fame from Loma Linda Academy on Vimeo.