High School Gym


After several years of fundraising, the remodeled/files/4 Athletics Photos/IMG_0315gym.jpg entry to the High School gym was completed in 2008.  The project increased the size of the entry by about 600 sq. feet and included remodeled restrooms, additional storage and added trophy display cases for the awards achieved by our LLA athletes.  The front trophy case was a gift presented by the Class of 2007.




Junior High Gym

The new Junior High gym was completed in /files/4 Athletics Photos/IMG_0326jr gym.jpgAugust 2010.  It provides much needed additional space for classes in the Junior High and relieves over crowding.  The new facility includes a full-sized basketball court, volleyball courts, new locker rooms, staff offices, a new fitness and weight room, a multipurpose room, a serving kitchen, and classrooms. The new gym will also provide additional /files/4 Athletics Photos/Jr-High-Gym-2.jpgspace for varsity and junior varsity after-school games. Bleachers were recently added to allow for spectator seating. 










Athletic fields


The athletic fields have slowly improved, with new lighting to accommodate late afternoon and evening events. Loma Linda is proud to be able to support sports like flag football, and CIF sports like softball, baseball, and soccer.

 /files/4 Athletics Photos/IMG_0332feild 2.jpg/files/4 Athletics Photos/IMG_0331 field 1.jpg