Reunion Info

The Advancement Office is happy to help in the planning of your reunion.

There are several ways that we can assist you:

Typically, the first reunion falls 10 years after your graduation. The Advancement Office will send an inquiry to a designated Class Representative, Senior Class President or other Senior Officer members about organizing a reunion. Often other members of the class will volunteer to help.

Class Lists

A listing of your classmates and their contact information is provided and at your request, mailing labels and envelopes with a return address of LLA Alumni Relations can also be provided. The Advancement Office is able to offer two mailings per reunion to be run thru our postal meter.

The contact information is updated as alumni have notified us. As you receive new address or email information, please pass this information to the Advancement Office so we can update our records.


The Advancement Office has the ability to do a mass email. If you have a message you would like to get out to your class, email the message to and we will get that sent out. Keep in mind that replies will come to the alumni office. You will be supplied with e-mail addresses as well.

Website & Facebook

Reunion announcements will be posted in the Alumni section and on Facebook. After your reunion, please send us a summary of the event that we can share on both the website and in any publications from the school. The Facebook Alumni Group for LLA is a very useful tool for staying connected with all things alumni at LLA:


  • For the 10 year class reunion, you have the option to use any remaining funds in your LLA Agency account from when you were a student. After 10 years, any remaining class agency funds will be transferred into the Student Aid account. To access this fund, receipts from the reunion must be turned into the Advancement Office. Please note that the school can only reimburse certain expenses. Please contact to find out additional details.

At the Reunion

  • Many classes hold their reunion the Saturday evening of Alumni Weekend with a dinner. If you would like to use any of LLA’s facilities for your venue, and to schedule a campus tour please contact the Advancement Office.
  • Donations: It is greatly appreciated when reunions decide to give a gift to Loma Linda Academy. This can be done in a number of ways; but the easiest way is to send out a follow-up mailing after the reunion with an enclosed envelope to be sent to the Advancement Office. We will publish a thank you on the website with the gifted amount.

Some Suggestions

  • Create a Facebook group for your class.
  • Two mailings seem to be enough. The first mailing could be a survey including options for a reunion date/venue/cost. As soon as you have a date – do an email with Save-the-Date information. The second mailing should be the specifics of the reunion event asking classmates to send in their payment and a news update.

Loma Linda Academy – Advancement Office
909-796-0161 ext. 3340


2018 Alumni Homecoming Honor Classes

75 year class of 1943

70 year class of 1948

65 year class of 1953

60 year class of 1958

55 year class of 1963

50 year class of 1968

45 year class of 1973

40 year class of 1978

35 year class of 1983

30 year class of 1988

25 year class of 1993

20 year class of 1998

15 year class of 2003

10 year class of 2008

5 year class of 2013



Alumni Homecoming 2017 Recap





The festivities began on Friday evening with a special Alumni Vespers by Dr. Doug Herrmann, LLA’s Headmaster. Alumni enjoyed a delicious meal–our treat, and stayed for the laughter with friends! This was a great way to see what is and has been happening at LLA. Sabbath morning, we welcome hundreds of alumni to the Alumni Church Service in Chan Auditorium. We had our traditional roll call of the classes present as well as of current and former faculty in attendance. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch.

The evening brought two fun events. The gym was alive with activity and food during the Alumni Games in the High School Gym – Girls Volleyball and Boys Basketball. Corndog and curry sales were especially popular. Alongside the games, we had our Alumni & Student Arts Exhibition in the Campus Ministries Center. There was wonderful pieces of original artwork by alumni and students on display, Cooking Class delicacies, and live music performances.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back next year on April 13-14, 2018 to where so many memories and friendships began for you!


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