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The Department of Bands at LLA offers outstanding training to young players of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. At LLA, intensive and memorable performance experiences, exploration of a wide variety of wind music, emphasis on music fundamentals, and study with a major artist/teacher are the foundations for developing well-rounded instrumentalists.  LLA offers bands for grades 5-12 for over 300 musicians, including the Beginning Band, 6th Grade Band, JH Concert Band, Concert Winds (7-12), Jazz Ensembles, chamber ensembles for every instrumental family, and the nationally and internationally recognized Wind Symphony.



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John Carter      

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The human voice is the only instrument designed and made by God. As such, singing is both uniquely compelling for the listener as well as singularly gripping for the singer. At Loma Linda Academy, we seek to connect students, through music, to the Source of every good and perfect gift, to imbue them with a knowledge and love for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to teach them what it means to do their best and try their hardest every single time, to grow in them a wellspring of lessons and scripture from which they can draw for a lifetime, and to provide them a healthy and positive community in which to thrive. In other words, we teach choir, but with a decidedly Seventh-day Adventist Christian perspective.

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Kristian Leukert

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