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       Technology Innovation & Engineering        



  What is TIE?       

TIE stands for Technology Innovation Engineering. The TIE program at Loma Linda Academy is a sequence of 4 classes in technology education. These classes supplement the regular academic program and are designed to prepare students for professions in a wide range of technical fields. 

Who can enroll in the TIE program?

Incoming freshmen in good academic standing with an interest in a technical profession are encouraged to apply.

How can I apply?

Visit http://www.lla.org/apply4tie fill out an application.




These classes are taken in sequence in addition to the standard academic program.


Wood Science & Construction Technology

Basic methods in manipulating all industrial materials by cutting, shaping, and joining of wood and other soft materials. Safe use of equipment.

Graphic Science & Communication Technology

Reading and drawing technical plans, illustrations, and blue line prints. Architectural and engineering drawing. Computer application.

Manufacturing Technology

Basic manipulation of ferrous and nonferrous metals, foundry, welding, machining, heat treating, robotics, and principles of manufacturing.

Energy, Power, & Transportation Technology

Basic methods of generating power and its practical applications with the use of gears, hydraulics, and pneumatics, especially as applied in the automobile.



  What will I do in Class?    

  • Classes are activity-based, though there will be occasional homework.
  • You will learn how to safely operate power tools.
  • You will work with metal, wood, plastic, and other types of industrial materials.
  • You will learn how to read and draw blueprints and other technical illustrations.
  • You will make things while learning the science and efficiency of modern technological methods.


  Technical Professions     


  • Architect

  • Engineer

  • Patent Attorney

  • Geologist

  • Controller

  • Metallurgist

  • Aviation Administration

  • Dentistry

  • Industrial Safety

  • Biomedical Electronics

  • Archeologist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Tool and Die Maker

  • Cabinet Maker/Manufacturer

  • Building Inspector

  • Plant/Operations Manager

  • Automotive Mechanic

  • Insurance Adjuster

  • Prosthetics Technician

  • Model Maker





  Quotes from parents & Students    


"My son wasn't quite sure he wanted to be an engineer, but it was your class that helped him make up his mind. Now he works for Nike."

"When I was in school you had to choose between the academics or the technical. Here you get both."

"I may only be a freshman Engineering student, but second semester they made me lab assistant for the senior Engineering students!"

"The TIE program helped me prepare for dentistry better than anything else I took in school."

"My son replaced the kitchen cabinets and coutner tops in his home and did all the electrical and plumbing himself. I am sure those practical experiences are helping in his Orthopedic Residency, too."


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