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Home & School


Home and School allows parents to support our school in different ways such as; providing volunteer services as requested by the school, providing suggestions to administrative/school board, and facilitating a partnership between home, school, and the church. We hope this website will be a resource to foster communication between parents and school.

The Home and School committee meets at 8 a.m. every 1st Friday of the month in the Heritage Room at Loma Linda Academy.

If you are interested in joining us please e-mail us at llahshs@gmail.com or send us your thoughts, questions and comments.

What kind of help is needed with the above function?

Come to the meetings once a month
Setting up and Cleaning up for Events
Bring food or help with food preparation

Parents in Touch Prayer Meeting
[Parents meeting to pray for their children and the school]



 H & S Representatives for 2016-2017



Kimberly Thomas

Holly Yonemoto



Dewitt Goulbourne


Magazine Drive

Linda Blair


Family Volunteer Night

Kimberly Thomas

Alane Hegstad






Friday, December 5 Minutes


Faculty Birthday


Dear High School Parents,

The Home and School has a birthday club for our high school teachers.This will involve buying a birthday card and $10 gift card for a teacher of your choice and bringing it to the high school office the week of their birthday.  The office staff will place it in their mailbox to receive that week.  We would like you to sign your name to the card and below your name please write "High School Home & School". 

If you would like to be part of this group please let us know and we will contact you with the birthday and interests for the teacher of your choice.  For those of you who have already responded please let me know your teacher of choice.

Please contact us at llahshs@gmail.com



On Thursday, August 28, Home and School had watermelons for high school students.