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Transcripts will be mailed within 2 days of receiving a $10 fee per request. 
Please submit a photo ID with your transcript request.

Work Experience Education (WEE)

Work Permits, TA, Community Service




Attendance & Detention

  • Attendance Policy
  • Current detention list is posted in the Administration Building at the High School.
  • Prearranged Absence Form ~  must be accompanied with a parent note prior to teachers signatures or it will not be accepted.

    Any “pre-arranged absence” for more than three days must be submitted to the High School Administration at least one week in advance.

    • A “Pre-arranged Absence Request Form” must be obtained from an administrator at the High School office.
    • Students must get teacher signatures for each of their classes prior to submitting the form to the office.
    • Approved pre-arranged absences will be excused. The length and type of makeup work for the pre-arranged absences will be at the discretion of the teacher and dependant upon the time, distance, and purpose of the absence.
    • Unapproved pre-arranged absences will not be excused and the student will not be assigned makeup work.

Miscellaneous Policies

  • Dress Code Policy
  • Cell Phone and Electronic Equipment Policy

    Electronic equipment is usually expensive and easily broken.  Any electronic item brought on campus is the sole responsibility of the student who brought the item.  Loma Linda Academy cannot assume responsibility for items that are stolen, lost or broken.  We recommend that only items essential to education be brought on campus. These items ought to be kept on the student at all times and not left in a backpack unattended. 

    Any electronic equipment that is not authorized for use by a teacher in class must be out of sight and not used during class.


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