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TEACHER                           CLASS

Mrs. Anjejo Librarian Click Here
Mr. Codington  Resource Click Here 
Pastor Cordero  Campus Chaplain, Campus Ministries Click Here
Dr. Carter  Band Director Click Here
Mrs. Constanzo  U.S. History, APUSH, Government, Econ, Varsity Swim Click Here
Mrs Elssmann 
 Algebra 1 Click Here
Mrs. Elssmann  Physics Click Here
Mr. Davisson  Intro to Natural Science Click Here 
Ms. Hall
 Chemistry Click Here 
Mrs. Gillespie  Art Click Here
Mr. Hall  Physical Education  
Mr. Herrmann  World History, Government, Economics, AP WH Click Here 
Mrs. Holm  Religion and Culinary Arts Click Here 
Mr. Jarrard  Math Click Here 
Mrs. Taylor Johnston

 English & Visual Arts
        *Contact teacher for Canvas access code

Click Here 
Mr. Leukert  Choral Director Click Here 
Miss Lewis  Biology Click Here
Mr. Oswald
 TIE, Auto Mech, General Shop Click Here 
Ms. Phillips  Math Click Here
Mrs. Peterson  Physical Education Click Here 
Mrs. Rantung  ESL and Religion Click Here 
Ms. Robertson  Health, Computer Apps, Advanced Computer Apps Click Here 
Dr. Sandiford  English II Lit, Honors American Lit, Class Biblical Lit Click Here 
Pastor Skoretz Bible Encounter 10
Click Here
Pastor Skoretz Issues Click Here
Pastor Skoretz Christian Mission Click Here
Mr. Stone  English I
Click Here
Mr. Stone  Multi Cultural Lit Click Here
Mr. Uribe  Spanish I & JH Spanish Click Here
Mrs. Vega  Spanish II & III Click Here 
Miss Williams    Beliefs and World Veiws Click Here
Miss Williams  Encounter - Freshman Bible Click Here
Miss Williams  Gospel of John Click Here