Conflict Management



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Conflict Management for Children

The students of Loma Linda Elementary School are being taught positive ways to solve small problems for themselves using Kelso's Wheel. The program's philosophy is simple...each child is smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict.  All children are capable of becoming peacemakers. To do this, we are asking students who have minor problems to try at least two of the following ideas:



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Conflict or disagreement is normal and often happens when children get together. However, hurtful words gestures, or physical attack are unacceptable ways to deal with disagreement at school.  When a request for adult help is made, it should include the two ideas tried: for example, " Mrs. Jones, Serena is calling me names." the supervisor will get involved and help solve the problem. Of course, we will immediately handle any serious conflicts that cause a child to feel threatened or when a child is hurt.

Colorful posters illustrating ways to deal with conflict are posted in each classroom and on the playground so that all students will know their choices. By using this plan, we believe our students will develop effective problem solving skills that they can use again and again.  Knowing what to do will help students reduce the stress and number of conflicts they have at school, at home and in their neighborhood. We encourage you to become familiar with this program and use it at home.