About Us


 Welcome to Loma Linda Academy


It’s a familiar analogy to see a school as a garden. Both are places of growth.  There is soil providing a medium for growth, nutrients necessary for development, tools for planting and cultivation, and gardeners who tend the garden. Our desire at Loma Linda Academy is to produce a crop of strong, healthy, beautiful plants. Of course, we see our students as so much more than plants, but there is a certain beauty to the comparison. We, like good gardeners, are doing all we can to provide an environment where growth and development is facilitated. But try as we might, we cannot make people grow. We look to God to provide that spark, that developmental energy and maturation.

Thank you for visiting our campus by means of our website. Enjoy strolling through the various pages, visit our media page and watch a few videos. We hope we answer your questions and give you a glimpse of the vision we have for educating young people. It is our mission to provide a Christ-centered and nurturing environment to prepare students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially for higher education, life in a global society, and for eternity. 

We would also like to invite you onto our campus. It would be a pleasure to show you around. Sit down with one of our principals for a free Educational Success Consultation. We will help you evaluate various options available to you as you consider your son or daughter’s education. We know that there are few things as important as your child’s future. Let us help you as you tend to your garden and help your son or daughter grow up to be the strong and mature person that God intended.

Doug Herrmann, Ed.D