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Loma Linda Academy School Profile


Loma Linda Academy is the largest Seventh-day Adventist K-12 school in the United States. It has attracted some of the  finest educators in the system and supports beautiful facilities. Loma Linda Academy is built on a tradition of faith that extends back to 1906 when it was established. The mission of Christian character building continues with an active campus ministries program, energetic student leaders, and a dedicated campus chaplain. 


Loma Linda Academy’s resources have given students more opportunities for growth and success. Because of its proximity to Loma Linda University, the Academy has enjoyed a strong relationship that has helped to enhance the schedule of mathematics and science courses. It is not surprising that more Loma Linda University medical students claim Loma Linda Academy as their alma mater than any other secondary school. The Academy’s size also contributes to the exceptional strength of its music and sports programs.


The school maintains a family atmosphere with an active Home and School organization. Parents often support activities on and off campus. The competitive student-teacher ratio and an average class size of 25 students, promotes an active learning environment. Loma Linda Academy provides a space for healthy spiritual, academic and physical development. When students graduate, they are well prepared for the college environment.





  • 1289 opening enrollment 2015 /files/1 About Us Photos/Copy of 2011-10-25 Roof 10.jpg
  • 25 average class size
  • 25:1 student teacher ratio at the elementary (plus a teacher’s aide in each classroom through 2nd grade)
  • 18:1 student teacher ratio at the junior high
  • 19:1 student teacher ratio at the high school
  • Students attend from Ontario to Banning, from Victorville to Moreno Valley and further.
  • Ethnicity: 35% Asian, 23% Caucasian, 19% Hispanic, 9% African American, 10% Other 



  • Adventist faculty who teach and mentor with a Christian world-view
  • 17 Supporting churches
  • Weekly high school chapel programs (JH & HS)
  • Week-of-spiritual-emphasis programs designed uniquely for grade levels from kindergarten through high school
  • 300+ active participants in mid-week Bible studies
  • Local and international mission opportunities
  • Community service
  • Ministry Directors program (student leader ministry)
  • Bible conferences



  • Since 1962 - Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities



  • 99% attend college
  • 75% attend a four-year college or university 





  • Over the past 5 years, 5 National Achievement Scholars, 7 National Merit Finalists, 7 Semifinalists, 18 Commended Scholars
  • 8 honors classes (mathematics, science, English, history)
  • 2 AP classes (world history, U.S. history)
  • 2 college level classes (calculus, college English)
  • 1 high school guidance counselor (college preparation, testing, counseling)
  • 2012 Iowa Test Composite Results by grade equivalents: Ninth: 12.1, Tenth: 13.0+, Eleventh: 13.0+
  • Technology Integrated Education program for students interested in engineering 



101 seniors took the SAT at LLA (Class of 2013)


                           READING    MATH    WRITING 


AVERAGE            496             514            488



AVERAGE            498             512            495



AVERAGE            538             554            527


Top Quartile            610               620             590

Average                  520              540             520

3rd Quartile            460               480             460



32 seniors took the ACT at LLA (Class of 2013)

English/   Math/   Reading/   Science/   Comp

Average            20.2         20.9      21.1         20.7         20.9

Average            21.6        22.8       22.3         21.5         22.2

Average            25.4        25.4       25.0         24.8         25.3



  • 1 Resource teacher (grades 7-12)
  • 2012 Iowa Test Composite Results by grade equivalents: seventh: 9.0, eighth: 10.1 



  • 1 psychologist for elementary testing and counseling
  • 1 resource teacher (grades K-6)
  • 2012 Iowa Test Composite Results by grade equivalents: fourth: 5.0, fifth: 6.5, sixth: 7.3,
  • Rotations in art, music, computers, library and PE taught by specialists



  • A total of 240 credits (year course = 10 credits; semester course = 5 credits) are required to graduate including 40 Religion, 40 English,
  • 30 Social Studies, 20 Science, 20 Mathematics, 20 Applied Arts, 30 Physical Education, 5 Health, 5 Fine Arts, 5 Work Experience,
  • 25 elective credits and 20 Modern Language is strongly recommended.  Proficiency is required on the Iowa Assessments or other standardized tests for Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  Community service of 25 hours per year is required.



  • All students are ranked by grade level at the end of each semester. Courses included are all semester and/or year courses for which grades are given. Grading scale is based on:
  1. A = 4.0
  2. B = 3.0
  3. C = 2.0
  4. D = 1.0 



  • 300+ student musicians
  • 600-person performance auditorium
  • Private lessons and practice rooms on campus
  • UC & CSU approved Wind Symphony
  • Concert bands, jazz ensembles & string group
  • Chamber ensembles for every instrumental family
  • International tours for band and choir groups
  • 6 vocal ensembles with over 60 performances combined per year
  • Each year, Pro Musica and Junior High Chamber Singers achieve “Superior Ratings” at the Southern California Vocal Association adjudications
  • Music classes and choral performances grades K-6
  • Art rotation at the elementary instructed by a specialist
  • Full studio for high school photo and video courses
  • Numerous school journalism awards for the school paper the Mirror
  • $5 million campaign for new, state-of-the-art band and choir space and gymnasium re-model



  • 13 varsity teams: flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, softball, badminton, swimming
  • CIF varsity teams
  • Loma Linda Academy’s varsity teams supported in part by the Roadrunner Booster Club
  • 12 junior varsity teams in volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, and badminton
  • 6 junior high varsity teams in flag football, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer and basketball (Mountain Valley Christian League)
  • 3 gymnasiums
  • 4 football fields
  • 3 soccer fields
  • 1 softball field
  • 1 baseball field
  • 1 track



  • Art Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Book Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Fashion Club
  • Friends Next Door Bible Club
  • LLA Walk Run Fitness Club
  • Photo Club
  • Robo-Runners Club
  • Rock Climbing Club
  • Shades Club
  • Tea Club
  • Youth-to-Youth Club 




  • $7,500 Elementary ($5,750 constituent tuition)

  • $8,300 Junior High ($6,410 constituent tuition)

  • $10,950 High School ($8,620 constituent tuition)

  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • $9,600 Elementary (international tuition)

  • $10,700 Junior High (international tuition)

  • $17,300 High School (international tuition)

  • 20% receive financial aid



  • 131 total certificated faculty, staff, administration
  • 70+ classroom teachers
  • 87 staff members have certificated degrees: 
  • 5 EdD/PhD/EdS, 45 MA/MS, 34 BA/BS, 3 other
  • 44 part-time support staff



  • 40-acre campus
  • 19 school buildings, 300,000 sq feet of building space
  • 74 classrooms
  • 4 computer labs
  • Chan Auditorium - A 600-person performance auditorium
  • 15 acres of grass playing field
  • Junior High & High School Library renovated in 2013
  • 11,000 books and videos in the Junior High & High School Library
  • 14 computer workstations with extensive online resources in the Junior High & High School Library
  • Elementary Library has a micro-amphitheater for book readings
  • 20,500+ materials in the Elementary Library
  • 24/7 campus security


  • $350,000+ in total giving 2012
  • 6,000+ alumni
  • 500+ student computers on campus
  • Kid’s University - A before and after-school extended daycare program


Loma Linda is a residential suburban community located 65 miles east of Los Angeles. Its cosmopolitan population totals 23,261. Loma Linda is the health-care hub of the Inland Empire. The city is the home of Loma Linda University and Medical Center --the only state-designated level one regional trauma center for the four inland counties of Southern California. It is also the home of the Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the Children’s Hospital, the Behavioral Medicine Center, East Campus, Heart and Surgical Center.

SAT (Schlastic Aptitde Test):

101 seniors took the SAT at LLA



  Reading Math Writing



Average 496 514 488



Average 498 512 495



Average 538 554 527


Top Quarter 610 620 590


Median 520 540 520


3rd460 480 460



(corresponds to University of California approved list)

History                                       World History/Geography, regular & Honors, Advance Placement (AP)
                                                    U.S. History, Advance Placement (AP)
                                                    U.S. Government

English                                       English I, II
                                                    American Literature and Writing, regular and Honors
                                                    British Literature
                                                    Classical/Biblical Literature
                                                    College Prep English
                                                    Great Books
                                                    Senior Composition
                                                     College English (La Sierra University)           
Mathematics                               Algebra I
                                                     Algebra II, regular & Honors
                                                     Geometry, regular & Honors
                                                     Pre - Calculus, regular & Honors
                                                     Calculus (La Sierra University)

Laboratory Science                    Biology I

                                                     Biology II, Honors
                                                     Chemistry, regular & Honors
                                                     Physics, regular & Honors

Foreign Language                      Japanese I, II
                                                      Spanish I, II, III

Visual/Performing Arts               Canticles 
                                                      Drawing and Painting 101
                                                      Wind Symphony
                                                      Consort Strings
                                                      Pro Musica

Elective Courses                         Economics





WASC/SDA: Focus on Learning Self-Study

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